Keep Your House Allergen Free – Pros And Cons Of Duct Cleaning

People, in general, are very concerned about having a clean home to make the living environment soothing and comfortable. While cleaning every part of the house, the ducts also make a substantial part of the house that requires cleaning. Or do they? This article discusses the pros and cons of duct cleaning inside the house.

Most of the house owners have no clue about the condition of their ducts. This is not very surprising because it has not been proven in any way that not cleaning the ducts can cause many health problems. Thus, nobody thinks about the cleaning of the ducts in their house.

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Pros of the Duct cleaning process

However, there do arise some situations when cleaning of ducts becomes necessary. Cleaning the ducts can become important when dust, mildew, mold, or vermin gets accumulated inside the ducts because of irregular or absolutely no cleaning.

Air ducts form an important of the construction of the house as they help in the exchange of air that takes place inside the home through the heating or cooling systems that have been installed inside the rooms. If dust and dirt have been accumulated inside the ducts, it might get added to the air that flows inside the house and can pollute the air that we breathe every day.

If the duct is not cleaned regularly, it increases the chances of suffering from respiratory diseases such as asthma and bronchitis. Proper equipment and cleaning system can be used for duct cleaning.

The cleaning of ducts can be done personally or with the help of professional services. It is suggested that professional services are used so that the cleaning process does not cause breathing problems due to the excessive inhalation of dust particles. When technicians arrive at the house, they firstly switch on the heating or cooling systems of the house so that all the dirt is absorbed by the ducts before the clean-up begins.

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Duct Cleaning Process

After this, the process begins. Firstly, the return duct and its grill are cleaned with the aid of a powerful vacuum. Next, the farthest register from the return duct is chosen to begin the cleaning so that maximum dust particles can be collected and removed as easily as possible.

After proper and precise cleaning is carried out, some of the best duct cleaning company in Toronto also provide sanitizing facilities, where, they sanitize the entire duct which helps in predicting further dust and allergen accumulation for a long time. While choosing the service for cleaning, one should make sure that it falls in its budget.

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Cons of the Duct cleaning process

However, there have been cases where many people have agreed on the fact that regular cleaning of air ducts can cause more pollution and health problems. It has been suggested by many people that the ducts have been designed in such a way that the dust that is accumulated inside the ducts is inert and it is unlikely that it will become airborne unless disturbed.

Some studies have shown that regular, say weekly, cleaning of ducts has not shown any significant decrease in the level of dust inside the house and the process, on the other hand, can be tiring and a harmful process due to excessive release of dust all at once. Hence, it has been suggested that changing air filters regularly can be more helpful in maintaining a clean environment rather than conducting duct cleaning.