Complete Enail FAQ

Are you new to the world of dabbing? If not, you must be well-aware about e-nail also known as electronic nails. Well, an electronic nail is a type of a dabbing device that uses electricity in order to provide a perfect dabbing experience.

Understanding the Vaping Device

Do you want to know about this vaping device? You will then need to go through the rest of the blog.

Electronic nail comes in metal boxes. The metal boxes contain a port for the coil, a PID which is used for gauging the coils temperature and one or two switches. In order to know about the working process of the device, you will need to know about the different component. Usually, the electronic nails come with a power cord; 20 mm heating coil;6-in-1 nail; and a control box.

e nail

Assembling the Device

  • The e-nail adapter from the heat shield should be unscrewed.
  • The electronic nail adapter through the heating coil should be placed. After that,  the heat shield and the adapter should be re-attached.
  • The universal joint should be adjusted.
  • The 5-prong socket should be plugged to the end of the heating coil of the control box. The arrow should be lined up with the coil release so that it’s secured.
  • The button should be hold for few seconds so that the unit can be turned on. Once it’s turned on, users can adjust the temperature.
  • Once the desired temperature is reached users can start to dab.e nail

Temperature for Dabbing

Before a user starts to dab with an e-nail, one needs to get accustomed with the temperature. Understanding the temperature for dabbing is important. If the temperature is too low, it can end up in pooling and not properly burning.

Similarly, dabbing at high temperature can burn the dab. Hence, it is suitable to set the temperature at a middle temperature. For getting the best dabbing experience, it would be better if the temperature is set at a lower temperature i.e. 500° – 600° F.

Using an Electronic Nail

Basically, an electronic nail can provide many benefits. They are:

  • Dabbing is very safe as one won’t need to use a flammable gas like butane torches.
  • The cost of using an electronic nail is very less in comparison to the butane torches. You won’t need to replace the electronic nail as frequently as butane torches.
  • Dabbing with e-nail is very relaxing. It is also convenient to use.

Equipment for Dabbing

You will need a water-pipe, nail, heat source and a dabber for dabbing. Dabbers can use concentrates on the heated nails. Making use of a dedicated tool can make dabbing great. However, after a user is done with their dabbing should clean the titanium nail. It should be done by disconnecting it from the heating coil. For cleaning the titanium nail the cap should be unscrewed and the metal coil should be separated. Once opened it should be carefully cleaned.

Hopefully, you will now have a proper idea about e-nail. Use this info to get great dabbing experience.