All you need to know about the medical examination for immigration to Canada

People all around the world move from one nation to another in search of better opportunities, education facilities and improved standard of living. Canada is one such country that tops the list of various individuals if they are planning to emigrate from their native land to a more suitable place.

The task of immigration requires a lot of hard work and dedication. From filling out the application forms, and ensuring that all the required paperwork is in place to prepare for the interviews, you want to make sure that you leave no stone unturned in realizing your dream of moving to Canada. But what if a minute glitch regarding your health status in the application process may leave your dreams shattered? It is disheartening to be rejected because of the inability to clear the immigration medical exam in Canada.

immigration medical exam in canada

To prevent you from becoming the victim of such blunder in the future, we are explaining to you all the what, why, when and where of immigration medical exam in Canada.

People get barred from entering Canada on medical grounds basically because of two major reasons explained below:

1. If you pose a threat to the public health and public safety in any way

As can be seen, this statement covers two of the health issues which might be instrumental in canceling your ticket to Canada. A person can be considered as a danger to public health if he is a carrier of a disease that is communicable in nature, and thus he is capable of spreading it across several provinces in Canada. The second term in the statement says that the person should not be a threat to public safety. This means that he should not be suffering from a mental condition under which he is prone to frequent violent outbursts in public, thus possessing a threat to the safety of people around him. Therefore, until and unless you are suffering from a serious ailment like pulmonary tuberculosis and untreated syphilis, or you are sociopath, you will be allowed entry in Canada on medical grounds.

immigration medical exam in canada

2. If your situation is expected to cause excessive demand on health and social services

Another reason you might not have been granted a medical permit to visit Canada is that you are expected to cause excessive demand on health and social services. This means that the expenditure on your physical and social well-being should be no greater than that of the average Canadian per capita health and social services for five consecutive years. Additionally, your frequent health check-ups mustn’t vigor the sliding of the native Canadian citizens’ names to the waiting list.

In case you do not fall in either of the categories and are not satisfied with the rejection of your application by the immigration officer, you can apply for re-evaluation of your application within 60 days, post which no entries are entertained.

To summarise, as long as you are physically and mentally fit, as well as you are not cutting onto the rights of the native citizens regarding health facilities, you will pass the immigration medical exam in Canada with flying colors. With this, we wish you a successful voyage to Canada without any hassles.